Peering Through Spectacles Of The English School, Has Provided

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Peering through spectacles of the English School, has provided valuable insight into the mechanics of international affairs, in which I had little prior knowledge. I have always believed that the United Nations assisted countries to co-operate by allowing the diversities to be acknowledged and respected, providing equality amongst the nations, even if relations have sometimes been strained. The English School are a group of scholars who believe that the state actors form an international society which helps to establish a co-operative environment. However, society doesn’t completely eradicate conflict which I believe is evident in the conflicts around the globe. During week five, I learnt about the English School as a theory of…show more content…
With this new knowledge, I will look at international politics with new understanding about the protocols and judge situations differently. In my opinion, International Politics can be understood using the distinction of thought carried out by the English School. Bull introduced a distinction in views of the English School between those who hold more realist views which he described as pluralist and those that hold solidarist views who are idealistic and believe states can achieve solidarity (Linklater 2013, p.97). Although I see that solidarist views would be ideal, I don’t believe it would ever be achieved because states have different ideologies, cultural and religious ideas which shape state’s interests. An example would be the Syrian conflict which has become an international war with various state actors taking part for various reasons. In this view, when analysing events in the future, I believe the pluralist view is practicable when applied to world events as it looks at social relationships between states and behaviour, in future I will apply this perspective to international affairs such as the Syrian war as stated above. The background of the Syrian War is hidden in media hype which in the past skewed my understanding. As a civil war, the people opposed the Assad government which ultimately brought in those who supported them within the international society. Russia and Iran who have relationships with the

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