Pencil In Mexican Art

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When most individuals visualize a pencil, they envision a utensil that is used in the horrendous act of doing homework or any other school-related project. However, being a person that appreciates the beauty behind the creative mind, a pencil can have a stronger meaning than people may believe. In reality, a mustard-colored, lead-filled pencil is a vehicle of power that carries out the ideas or artistic designs of the holder from their mind onto the paper. For example, many artists throughout history have used a pencil as a basis for drawing out their inspiration and ideas before preparing their main pieces. Before an artist may start a painting, he may sketch out different ideas he envisions in his head, this technique has lead to the creation…show more content…
In the world of Mexican art, Frida Kahlo depicted her affection for Diego, the love of her life, through a sketch called “Ruina,” a depiction of her tumultuous life and love story. Finally, a pencil is used by many artists and writers as a way to free their mind of the burden and thoughts that may be going through their heads. Henry David Thoreau was an American transcendentalist and philosopher who wrote and spoke greatly of the spiritual and mental essence of a human. Through acting on his beliefs, Thoreau took a voyage of spiritual discovery and wrote a personal declaration of his findings in a book called “Walden.” He was known to be a drawer and used pencils to write his book “Walden,” making the pencil a vehicle to express his thoughts. Any individual who appreciates the beauty of art and writing, will find the importance of the pencil being a utensil that can carry out the inspiration, emotions and thoughts that are withheld inside the
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