People Have Many Different Meaning Towards Religion

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People have many different meaning towards religion. Religion takes place major role in history. Religion represents government, culture, and society and it is inevitable. Religion unite people, on the other hand it causes wars. For poor people religion brings happiness and for rich it was business.
Religion was used to get control over people. In Sumerian religion they identified their gods with the capricious forces of nature. They are very powerful lugals (big person) who ruled like a king. The gods depended on their human servants to honor and sustain them; and in return the gods are occasionally bestowed gifts and favors. In Christianity religion, People believed they have two worlds after death, heaven and hell. People have to follow the pope and do whatever he says. Pope stated that if they don’t follow him then there would go to hell. This is one of the biggest reasons why people followed him. In Christianity pope takes control over people. We see there is someone that takes control over people in every religion. Like they are being god or they told people that he is the mediator between people and god.
Religion unit people and it can also bring peace to the people. Zoroastrianism was a religion that brings people together to one god to worship and not only that they don’t have to follow the king or pope or any human in order to worship the god. This important religion was one of the three major universal faiths known to the world before Christianity and Islam,

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