People Of Color Commit More Crimes. . I Disagree, Based

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People of Color Commit more Crimes.
I disagree, based on table 358: Arrests by offense and race/ethnicity: 2014 by the federal bureau of investigation, the total number of offenses charged were 8,730. 6,056.7 are white, 2,427.7 are Black and 1,234.3 are Hispanic or Latino. Violent crime total 390.2, 231.8 White, 147.0 Black and 73.6 Hispanic or Latino. 1,218.7, white 838.4, black 346.4 and Hispanic or Latino. Certain crimes are committed more by certain races. For example murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, blacks were charged more at 4.2, white 3.8 and Hispanic 1.3. More white were charged with rape at 11.0, black 4.9 and Hispanic or Latino 3.1. More black were charged with robbery 41.4 to white 31.4 and Hispanic or Latino 11.4. …show more content…

White drivers were stopped only 10 percent. The disparity will be greater if black drivers were stopped more frequently than white drivers. There are other disparities such as searches, tickets, arrests and license suspensions. This research also showed that white drivers were both ticketed and searched at lower rates than black and Hispanic drivers. An NBC report based on the Bureau of Justice Statistics states that Blacks 9.5 percent and Hispanics 8.8 percent were more likely to be searched than whites 3.6 percent. There were slight but statistically insignificant declines compared with the 2002 report in the percentages of blacks and Hispanics searched. Blacks 4.5 percent were more than twice as likely as whites 2.1 percent to be arrested. Hispanic drivers were arrested 3.1 percent of the time. Among all police-public contacts, the force was used 1.6 percent of the time. But blacks 4.4 percent and Hispanics 2.3 percent were more likely than whites 1.2 percent to be subjected to force or the threat of force by police officers.

America is a Racist Society America is a racist society. Racism may have changed significantly from slavery to present but it is still out there. White Americans use drugs more than black Americans, but black people are arrested for drug possession more than three times as often as whites. Black men receive prison sentences 19.5 percent longer than those of white men who committed similar crimes, a 2013 report by the

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