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After reading Nicholas Carr’s article I would have to agree with his view and say that the internet is helping to make individuals dumber. The internet today isn’t as helpful as it once was. Children in school do not read and learn like they should. The internet is distracting from educations, and it is taking the role of humans and human contact. It replaces socialization between human interactions and it has many disadvantages in school. It is safe, and at the same time, sad to say that the internet is leading to the decline of human intelligence. An example of poor internet use would be all of the computers in today’s schools. Children of today no longer have to sit and use their brain to find a word or meaning in a dictionary. They simply …show more content…

The internet cannot sit down and have a face to face conversation. It cannot explain to and individual who is struggling to grasp a concept. The internet is just a box of wires and screws. Having a child, or anyone for example, sit at a computer all day, does not make them any smarter. IT takes away the chance for them to engage in their learning and ask questions. The internet is basically taking away their learning strategies by giving them a convenient answer in a short amount of time. Some people argue that the internet helps make people smarter by giving quick reasonable answers. Yes, this is true. However, giving someone an answer doesn’t make them any smarter if they aren’t learning how that answer came to be. Answers only help to make people smarter if the concept behind them is understood. Therefore, the internet isn’t making individuals smarter. The internet does, in fact, make people “dumber”. It takes away from learning and developing their minds. It leads to distraction in education and hinders person to person contact. Computers cannot teach children or adults. They cannot take the place of a human being. So, all in all, computers and the internet and helping to make individuals dumber on a daily

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