People Watching Observation Essay

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April 10, 2013 I seated myself in a booth with my back faced to the wall. It was here that I had an ominous view of the Galleria food court. With pencil in hand, and notebook ready, I began taking notes on the many observations I noticed in the three hour window that I sat and “people watched”. Nothing particular stuck out at me at first, I gazed around, from table to table, and only noticed the general routines you would expect to find at any mall food court. Employee’s meeting on their lunch breaks, stay at home mom’s getting a quick bite at chik-fil-a as they drag their children along to the next errand, and the elderly in no hurry to get anywhere specific. It was the same mundane routine through the course of the first hour, it…show more content…
The girls would stay a fair distance, but keep their glances fixed on the table of boys, going out of their way to gain their attention by laughing too loudly at a joke that wasn’t funny, or busting a move to their favorite song blaring from their iphones. None of the girls however were bold enough to directly approach the boys off to the corner, they would make plenty of excuses to walk toward them, but they never made direct contact with them. Families were less inclined to approach this area, and began to disperse throughout other areas in the mall. I also noticed the presence of security guards hired to monitor the crowds that were present later in the evening. This form of interaction continued on for an hour or so, until the police officers came and directed them away from their corners and urging them into the crowd and away from their area. To my surprise, an hour later, the same groups were back During the dinner time rush, many of the tables began to fill up, and at about 6:30 there were no clear tables. Often I saw that only one person was occupying a table that could potentially seat 6, but no one was willing to sit down where there was room. I noticed that many people stood around waiting for a table to open up, or they would hover naggingly around a table until its occupiers finally gave in, and relinquished the table. When
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