People Will Do Anything For Power

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People will do anything for power. All over the world there are many different

types of power. Some countries have presidents, some have kings and queens, and some

have gods. Julius Caesar was a man that loves power. He loved thinking of himself above

everyone else, and everyone else adored him. The towns people cheered for him and

decorated the streets with his name. What Caesar didn’t know was that there are some

people that didn’t want him to come to power, and some of them might just be the Roman


A Tribune was a Roman official whose job was to protect the people against

oppression by the patricians or nobles. The word tribune is connected to the word tribe.

In Latin the word for Tribune was tribunus, which means an officer connected with a

tribe, or someone that represented a tribe for specific purposes. Originally, a tribune

represented a tribe of rulers then later it became known as a variety of officers. The

tribunes were at first one, but their number was increased ultimately to ten. The

two most important were the tribunes of plebs and the military tribunes.

A Roman Tribune was a very high position. In certain ranks you had

certain jobs, for example if my ranking was Tribune my job was to assist the

legion commander, the Primus Pilus. If my ranking was Tribunus Cohortis I was

the commander of a Cohort military unit. Being a Roman Tribune gave you the

right to veto laws, command portions of the army, and eventually call

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