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Timm 1 Julius Caesar: The Man Who Changed Rome Forever Isaiah Timm CHW3MI Mr. Ballantyne January 15,2015 Timm 2 “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” (Shakespeare). Julius Caesar’s name is still on people’s lips. The man went from nothing to controlling Rome as its first emperor. Julius Caesar can be considered one of the world’s greatest historical figures because he was a good communicator, he was memorialized by his own people and by future generations. In 100 BC, a boy was born with a dream to rise to supreme power. This was heavily influenced by the tyranny of the current leader of Rome, Sulla (Mark). The land was in civil war because Sulla challenged the Roman…show more content…
The far reach of his empire showed his conquering power. Emperor Augustus had a temple dedicated to Caesar, which still stands today, commemorating Julius’s life after his untimely death at the hands of senators (Grimms). Finally, the position of Emperor is called Caesar. After Julius executed the position of emperor so brilliantly, all leaders of Rome used the title, Caesar, to honour him. Because of all these factors, his image of greatness is memorialized in Rome for all eternity. Unfortunately, not everyone respected the greatness of this man. The senate fell because Roman citizens were unhappy with a few rich leaders ignoring the needs of many poor citizens. The masses supported the idea of a leader who would take care of everyone. This event was a catalyse for Rome becoming an Empire. Greedy and selfish, the senators resented losing their power. Caesar was killed by men who were hoping to bring back the republic. He was trick into meeting some senators to negotiate a compromise for both sides, but these evil leaders ambushed him, stabbing him multiple times and leaving his body in the senate (McManus). Caesar believed he could achieve greatness even though the odds were against him. He cared about being the best, and he knew the citizens supported him. The senate died and Emperors were born. Caesar used his charismatic skills to prove himself historically significant. He was memorialized in a variety of different ways as a

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