Pepsi Company : Swot Analysis

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Pepsi Company: SWOT Analysis
PepsiCo is the second most popular beverage company in the world, according to PepsiCo (2008). This company has an outstanding marketing brand name. PepsiCo sponsors numerous sporting events and has a wide variety of consumers. This product is in competition with the first popular beverage company Coke-Cola. This company evaluates every year on a strategic plan by using SWOTT analysis to manage their products to learn the internal and external factors of the marketing business. SWOTT is a “collection of data that is used to evaluate a corporation or small business” (Jurevicius, 2016). This outline allows business owners to create a vision from an internal and external aspect form of their …show more content…

Opportunities PepsiCo has the potential to encourage consumers into drinking water and eating healthier snacks that they promote. Bottled water is rising and it is a healthy substitute to sugared drinks. Restaurants, clubs and venues are using their beverage to make special drinks. This is where alcohol industries gains more profit to their company. However, with the ability to adjust customer’s demands with new and appealing products it can dominate to success.
One of the biggest and most concern threats are the health concerns of managing obesity. Therefore this can reduce the demand of some of the company’s merchandise in the industry. Nonetheless the market value of the products and advance spending is internationally worldwide.
The intensifying profits of the trade rate can negatively change the company’s income and earnings. The enlarged competition and the potential can hurt the corporation industry. However, PepsiCo competes with Coca-cola because it’s the number one largest beverage and food industries.
According to PepsiCo SWOT, “it is better equipped to satisfy the needs of customers with a wide variety of successful products” (2008). PepsiCo managed to present almost every type of drink and food brands. The merchandise that is earned is the majority of their revenue. This makes them extremely at risk to change any of their marketing products. However

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