Pepsi Versus Coke : The Real Winner

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Pepsi Versus Coke: The Real Winner
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Jonathan Nichols
Gardner-Webb University

Abstract In the battle of soda wars, there have always been two, Coke and Pepsi. This report takes the two and separates them apart to determine several factors between the two. First of all we had to define PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Companies as they are both global companies and with PepsiCo, they are bigger than just beverages. This report just looks at beverages and North American business side of each company. Next, how important is Coke important to Coca-Cola’s business and Pepsi to PepsiCo’s business. With Coke being an exclusive beverage company, it is more important to Coca-Cola’s success. However, Pepsi is still important to PepsiCo. Lastly, does demographics play a factor on what beverage is preferred? As in the article that is mentioned later, the locals play a big part in the success of the drink. If it isn’t successful locally, it will never be successful. Also, let’s not forget cost. As with anything that is purchased there is always a cost. Beverages do play a huge part in what people buy.

Pepsi Versus Coke: The Real Winner In the world of soda wars, there has always stood two main players; Pepsi and Coke. With Coca-Cola Company Revenue of nearly $46 billion (Coca-Cola Company, 2015) to Pepsi Company’s $67 billion (PepsiCo, Inc., 2015), Pepsi is a much bigger company in terms of…

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