Per Business Insider, Forty-Two Million Prostitutes Work

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Per Business Insider, forty-two million prostitutes work in both legalized and illegalized countries. Many countries have taken different legal paths to deal with prostitution. These paths include; prohibition, making all forms of prostitution illegal; legalize, making all forms legal; and decriminalizing, normalizing prostitution. The debate of how to handle prostitution cannot be discussed until prostitution is understood. The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes prostitution as “the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.” Prior to the nineteenth century, prostitution in the US was legal in red light districts, zoned areas where there was little conflict between communities and businesses, and the …show more content…

As the policies currently stand in the US, no health requirements for prostitutes are in place and this damages public health. The justice system assumes that deterring people from participating in prostitution will prevent the spread of sexual transmitted diseases but this is not the case and has not always been the argument against prostitution. In an article called “Why is Prostitution Criminalized? An Alternative Viewpoint on the Construction of Sex Work,” by Rebecca Hayes-Smith and Zahar Sherkarkhar, researches argue that before the nineteenth century the debate was based on moral grounds, but after the nineteenth century it was shifted to the medical issues. It is especially interesting that, “At the time doctors urged the government to regulate and license prostitution so that prostitutes would be required to take medical exams,” because medical professionals were only wanting exams while the government pushed that illegalization was the only way to prevent the spread of STDs (Smith and Sherkarkahr 45). Nonetheless, protecting prostitutes and clients from STDs is a big concern in all countries but illegalization is not the way to protect the public. In an article “What to know about Nevada’s legal brothels,” by Michael Martinez, he discusses the different health regulations that brothels in Nevada abide by. It is noted that, “The state board of health requires sex workers to undergo testing for sexually transmitted infections. Monthly blood testing is

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