Perceived Institutional Ethical Behavior Of Us Based Multinational Corporations And Its Relationship With Organizational Longevity Essay

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Brief Introduction
This paper contains a brief annotated bibliography of research articles selected on the specific research topic of the perceived institutional ethical behavior of US-based multinational corporations and its relationship with organizational longevity. Following the five peer-reviewed qualitative research articles.
APA Annotation
Aleksic, A. (2013). How Organizations Achieve Longevity: The Role of Change Management in Building Their Sustainability. International journal of the academy of Organizational behavior management. Issue 4 (January-March 2013) (65 - 78).
The primary purpose of this study according to Aleksic (2013) was to assess the role of organizational change and change management in building long-term organizational sustainability” (p. 65). For this purpose, the author reviewed existing literature related to change management and organizational sustainability of studies performed among long-lived organizations in the United States and Europe (Aleksic, 2013).
The author’s intention behind this research study was to find or determine which elements could be determined to be indispensable for achieving sustainability and organizational longevity (Aleksic, 2013). In addition, Aleksic (2013) sought to how important is change management for creating a sustainable competitive advantage and overall organizational behavior (p.6).
The findings in this research study led the author to conclude that successful adaptations to change and successful

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