Perception Versus Reality : The Film A Beautiful Mind

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Perception versus reality. What is the difference between them? Have you ever felt so confident in something that you could only see it from your point of view, or your perception? In the film A Beautiful Mind, a young mathematician, John Nash, had traveled to Princeton University to attended there as a graduate student. While he was there he made several friends, the first being his roommate Charles, who later becomes his best friend, and a few other math graduate students, Martin, Sol, Ainsley, and Bender. After classes, they would all hang out together and discuss their mathematical theories amongst each other as friends do. As you will see, Nash was so confident in his own perception that it became reality to him. After…show more content…
However, the individuals who subdued him were actually doctors and assistants from the psychiatric hospital. While Nash was in the hospital, Alicia, in and attempt to help her husband, began an investigation to gather some facts about his covert operations. While gathering information, she came to the realization that something just wasn’t right. She then confronted him with the information that she had collected and convinced him that he had been hallucinating. Nash had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and along with that came the paranoia. This was an interesting turn of events as it was also discovered that his best friend Charles, his niece Marcee, along with Parcher were not real but only products of his mind. The undercover work he said he was doing was also only a delusion in his mind. Nash was eventually sent home with medication for his illness but a short while later he quit taking it which resulted in his hallucinations coming back. To prevent him from going back to the psychiatric hospital, Alicia and he began working together to try and solve his schizophrenia without the medication. As Nash grew older, with the help of Alicia, he eventually learned that by ignoring the fictitious people he was seeing he could control his illness and live a somewhat productive life. After learning to control his illness and once again gaining the privilege to teach
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