Percy Jackson And The Olympian's Heroes Of Olympus

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Percy Jackson and the Olympian and its sequel series Heroes of Olympus, both by Rick Riordan, took the history and culture of Roman and Greek mythology, which many would find lackluster or uninteresting, and crafted it into a fantastic story that keeps readers engaged from page 1. Riordan uses his unique style of writing to keep the inhabitants of the universe unique and realistic, shaping them into relatable, tangible people, including a temper-prone satyr who teaches gym, a 12-year-old fire-proof cyclops who can smell bulls and loves hugs, two snakes on a caduceus who can shapeshift & harass their UPS boss Hermes, and a young boy caught up in it all with only his friends at his side and a sword disguised as a pen to fight off the supernatural
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