Perfect Life And Perfect Families

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Perfect Life and Perfect Families What is a perfect life or perfect family? From an outsider looking in, what does that life look like for you? Is the pressure of comparing your family with others and realizing that you do not measure up to what you see? We all have dreams of what our ideal life would be. Sometimes these are prompted by the “model” families that we have seen, or perhaps they are the dreams we had of what our own family should be like. Is there such a thing as perfect families or the perfect life? In the movie Juno and American Beauty some of these families try so hard to look picture perfect, however they are far from it. Remember that looks can be deceiving and comparison unfair. In the movie Juno, sixteen year old Juno is the type of girl that beats to her own drum, and doesn’t really care what other people think of her. Juno ends up pregnant from her boyfriend, Paulie Bleeker. So she decides to have the baby and give the baby up for adoption. Juno finds the perfect couple to adopt her baby. She finds Mark and Vanessa Loring, a yuppie couple living in the suburbs. Juno likes the Loring’s and in some respect has found what looks to be kindred spirits in Mark, with whom she shares a love of grunge music and horror films. Vanessa is a little more uptight and is the one in the relationship seemingly most eager to have a baby. Juno enters a closed adoption contract with the Loring’s. Throughout the film you find out just how imperfect Mark and Vanessa

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