Performance Assessment And Rubric That Will Help Me Evaluate My Students ' Understanding Of Production And Advertising

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For this assignment, I developed a performance assessment and rubric that will help me assess my students’ understanding of production and advertising. When creating the assessment, my goal was to effectively target Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, while enabling students to actively “do” the subject in a realistic context. My performance assessment addresses the four domains of knowledge through a multitude of facets. The assignment will address level two three thinking by asking students to, organize, plan, and construct a production model and story board. Through filming and editing, this performance assessment will help me assess my students’ ability to efficiently and effectively use a repertoire of knowledge and skill to negotiate a…show more content…
In addition, I asked my friend to read the assignment and express any questions or concerns he had. This enabled me to ensure that my assignment clearly guides students to meeting my aligned Pennsylvania and classroom objectives. It is very important for teachers to align their curriculum goals with state standards. Ideally, completing classroom assignments should lead students to meeting classroom objectives. Furthermore, classroom objectives should help a student develop and meet state standards. Using Pennsylvania academic standards, I clarified my instructional goals. I created classroom objectives that are reflective of the information in the Video Basics text. Then I used these objectives to develop my performance task assessment. Below is a table that highlights the alignment between Pennsylvania academic standards, classroom objectives, and the performance assessment. I began developing my assessment by creating a blueprint, in which I designated which level each component addressed. I found the blueprint to be useful because it allowed me to reflect on the difficulty and validity of the assignment. According to Popham (2014), “alignment approaches appear to be judgmentally rooted strategies for assembling content-related evidence of validity” (110). I noticed that the tasks involved in my assessment involved an even distribution of Webb’s levels, so I feel my assessment has strong validity. However, if there were a dominance of level one
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