Performance Assessment And Rubric That Will Help Me Evaluate My Students ' Understanding Of Production And Advertising

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For this assignment, I developed a performance assessment and rubric that will help me assess my students’ understanding of production and advertising. When creating the assessment, my goal was to effectively target Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, while enabling students to actively “do” the subject in a realistic context. My performance assessment addresses the four domains of knowledge through a multitude of facets. The assignment will address level two three thinking by asking students to, organize, plan, and construct a production model and story board. Through filming and editing, this performance assessment will help me assess my students’ ability to efficiently and effectively use a repertoire of knowledge and skill to negotiate a complex and multistage task. My assessment demands level four extended thinking with the creation of a script which incorporates a propaganda technique. My students will apply concepts they have learned in the classroom to a task they would receive in the real world.
I created this assignment by collaborating the information provided in the Video Basics textbook and my first-hand experience in video production with Pennsylvania state standards and the guidelines provided in Popham’s What Teacher’s Need to Know. I kept my directions straightforward and comprehensive. By attaching a rubric, the curricular aims are further clarified to my students. I reviewed my assignment directions twice, once from an educator’s perspective, and again…
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