Pericles' Pride in his Athenian City

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Pride is an emotion in each human being possesses. The Athenian's and American people's prides plays a powerful part in their country for we are proud of the country that we live in. An individual is patriotic to its country for it is the place where we are born, raised, and hopefully be the place where we can make a difference before we die. It is the country our ancestors built and we value it in our history. A country's history can represent many different aspects of their culture and civilization. The Athenian, Pericles thought precisely just that. Pericles states the military might of the Athenian navy, the adaptability of the Athenian people, the Athenian government and the roles of its individual citizens, art appreciation, and how they are compared to their neighboring countries. His views that bias Athens was profound and in depth which put the city and its people on a pedestal. Pericles's speech first gave praise to the ancestors, for which they are the people who built the city from the ground up and fought for democracy. He speaks of the ancestors with great honor and valor and that it was them who gave birth to Athens. He perceives Athens as a city with virtue, modesty, and modernization. It is a city who doesn't isolate itself from other governing states. Pericles announce that they aren't afraid to show their culture to the world and any foreigners may come and learn or observe from them. He suggests Athens is a country that welcomes foreigners and they
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