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Pericles Uplifting Speech
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To stand in front of thousands; to speak the words aimed at persuading a crowd; to believe, and have them as well, a seemingly just cause - this is what a leader must do. Every era has its trouble, its own conflict, and along with it, its own leader who will do what he can to unite his followers. In 431 BC, Athens was in the midst of a war, and from that war came a speech, said by Pericles, that to this day, remains the model for any leader seeking to persuade his citizens and have them believe and act in favor of their land. Throughout United States' history, various leaders have used the format of his speech in efforts to reach their citizens. Many of the values and personal
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The fathers found Athens on the belief that its citizens, from this day forward, should be free, and to have a government that is for the people. Pericles dwelt on the character of Athens, sharing to his citizens the hope of what the forefathers of Athens were trying to establish.

Pericles then ventured into the heart of the speech. "Thus choosing to die resisting, rather than to live submitting, they fled from dishonor" (31). He discussed the matter of the fallen soldiers, and why they were worthy of their city. Pericles said that the soldiers were men who died for Athens, who gave up everything for the city, and for that, he called them heroes. "Heroes have the whole earth for their tomb; and in lands far from their own" (31). Pericles was justifying their death, and their killings, to his citizens. He called the soldiers courageous, and how they fought for their forefather's dream of freedom. The soldiers were great citizens that left no room for cowardice within them, for it hindered a man to act upon his duty. That is why Pericles told Athens to take the soldiers as their model for a citizen, therefore bringing honor to the dead.

With history installing a sense of pride, and the soldiers used as model citizens, Pericles now called out to his citizens to accomplish their duties

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