Perks Of Being A Wallflower Movie Analysis

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If “seeing is believing”, then how youth is represented in popular films is all true, right? Partying hard, drugs, promiscuity and sour attitude – wrong! The problem is not the unacceptable and risky behaviour, because it only applies to a minority. The real issue is that the way teens are represented on movie screens is unrealistic and over-dramatized which benefits film makers, not the reputation of teens. Right now all we’re seeing are the fictional teens and the false realities that seem to be attached to our popular films.
What’s your perception of teenagers? What has shaped your opinion? It’s pretty much common knowledge to think that all teens are lazy, antisocial and glued to their phones. Film has a large influence on the perception of the public. As one of the most popular forms of entertainment, films have the power to shape the lives and minds of adolescents globally. Many of these films depict life as a teenager, including
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Paper Towns is definitely a teen fantasy movie, also based on the book by John Green. They both have important messages for teens, but when analysing, film does not focus on these morals, which is why there is a misunderstanding of what the film is really about. Perks of Being a Wallflower is also about teens facing real issues – peer pressure, fitting in, bullying - so it is a form of a more realistic representation (EXPLAIN) Because teen life is not all about what we see on movies, school does exist…. The themes are not the only thing that these two movies have in common, they both share scenes of partying and teenagers breaking the rules and engaging in illegal activities. It’s not entirely focused on the negative circumstances, but in attempt to represent teens and portray a message, clashes occur, so the whole purpose of the film and effect on the public is
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