Persepolis Essay

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Samuel P. Huntington once said, “In the emerging world of ethnic conflict and civilizational clash, Western belief in the universality of Western culture suffers three problems: it is false; it is immoral; and it is dangerous.” Two contrasting beliefs have a tendency to cause conflicts. When groups of people have opposing views, dangerous confrontations will occur to see which view is dominant. The Islamic Revolution was blood ridden, violent, and incessant; the conservative sect of the population, which viewed religion as the proper and only reasonable way for society to operate, and the more liberal side of the population, which had far more westernized views clashed with each other. In Marjane’s Strapi’s graphic novel Persepolis, the …show more content…

Since she is a young child, Marji believes almost every word she hears. She does not question what is being asked of her, but only goes along with what is being told. Marji’s view on the government is positive at this point, she has no reason to believe otherwise as opposed to what her parents think. With time and research, Marji’s view does change.
For example, Marji realizes how atrocious the Iranian government is. She reads up on the Revolution to understand more of it. Marji grasps how prevalent the revolution is when she figures out the differences between social classes affects her and her maid. She is mad at the fact her maid cannot have the same opportunities as her family because she was born in a different social class. Marjane expresses, “Is it her fault that she was born where she was born” (Satrapi 37). Social classes can divide communities. Traditional ideals forbid marriage between classes, so it is particularly difficult for anyone to advance to a different social class. When the lower class begins to make an attempt to climb the rigid social pyramid, conflicts begin. Western values are not as strict on social classes, movement is allowed and encouraged. Their principals make it easier for people to progress in class, lessening the divide in communities. The Islamic Revolution causes the differences in social classes to increase far beyond an acceptable amount. Marji was particularly close with her maid in the comfort and privacy of her

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