Person Vs Professional Ethics On The Embryonic Stem Cell Study

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Katty Miles
MA105 Medical Law & Ethics
Jimmy Ellis
Person vs Professional Ethics on the Embryonic stem cell study
Miller Motte College, NC

The study of the Embryonic Stem Cell is a new interactive way of treatment
The embryonic stem cell is a great medical study and medical opportunity in the medical society that we live in today. As a medical care provider I know the in the medical world it has its challenges that are associated with different reproductive technology. With the new medical research on the embryonic stem cell it has it’s negative and positive views the negative view.
New medical study of human stem cell treatment
The different kinds of treatments with the scientific medical study of the stem cell
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Some research has opposed to this medical study and other have approved of the human stem cell study. This is Destruction of a humans’ life an embryo is a developing baby and is un ethical regardless if it’s benefits. The stem cell is obtained from a living person and the mother embryo is removed from her ovaries. For harvesting this will kill and destroy the embryo there are other forms of stem cells. The adult cells are non-embryonic theses are from placentas and umbilical cords and does not cause destruction to a human being. For the Ethical in this medical cell study the adult and embryonic stem cell have to be equal. So if the fetal cells are collected from a miscarriage or a stillborn birth there is medical possible way to be able to remove a fetus still alive from the mother womb without any harm done to the mother or fetuses than there are no ethical issues. On the other hand, if the mother wants an abortion the fetus stem cells will be collected this as unethical destruction killing a human the umbilical cord is not attached at birth or an infant than collecting the umbilical cords blood is ethical to obtain the stem cells. There is the adult stem cell these are a different that are non-embryonic cells. Which are located in the human’s placentas and umbilical cords of a baby or infant collecting the cells from these does not cause destruction

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