Personal Argumentative : A Personal Narrative Of Homelessness

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Homelessness I remember when my mom and dad were fighting one night. I had a friend over to stay the night. I felt really embarrassed in front of Kacie. Kacie is a friend from school. We started watching movies and playing music to blow it off. We also played video games to like Black ops 2 and 3. After a couple hours, the fighting died down and we all passed out. We woke up in the morning and my mom said to pack the things we need and that it was a secret about what was going on. I was completely confused. We took Kacie home and then my mom told us. We were leaving my dad because of the fight the night before. My mom and dad usually fought sometimes but i never knew this was where my mom finally snapped. We went to a program that got us a hotel for a week. But before we went, we had to stay one night in a homeless shelter. It felt really weird because we were never homeless before. We felt like we didn’t belong there. After that we left the next day and headed to the hotel. That was heaven. I loved it there. There was a giant flatscreen TV and I had my X-box I bought not that long ago. Moreover, we figured out there was a giant pool and a hot tub, and had really good, high coursed meals for breakfast. I felt like I actually belonged here. We went to the store to buy food and other things for the week. We were set. We took some counseling classes for the whole fighting part, but after our week was over, we were told we were extended another week at the hotel. We were very

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