Essay about Personal Conflicts Presented throughout Crash

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After, reviewing the movie Crash. Crash, it shows how conflict can be created and how people can become connected by conflicts. In addition, there were a lot of examples that referenced in this week in class. There were a lot of conflicts, and interpersonal conflict. During week four we learned about empathy the texts reminds us that empathy is defined as putting yourself in another person's shoes or imagining another person's thoughts and feelings. When you feel empathy for another person, you began to identify with him or her and understand his or her thoughts and feelings; you are able to vicariously experience another's feelings and thoughts (Sole, 2011.Empathy was the main issue ,the people in the movie had their own problems and …show more content…

Both parties should become aware of the other persons feelings. People can sense when another person is aggravated, they can tell by body language and the facial expressions of a person, even before they speak with them. Most people started their day off with negative thoughts .the text reminds us that if a person, is always negative about life or themselves ,it can be difficult to successes and meet people .Being negative can create even more problem for that person and others who is around this person. Which bring us to the next problem interpersonal conflicts were presented throughout .Even couples were involved with ongoing conflicts between one another .The funny thing is couples should have a sense that allows them to know what makes the partner upset and they should have learned However, society doesn’t work that way, even people who are in relationships battle with conflict daily ..When couples express themselves emotionally this can create a sense of positivity and it can deescalate the situations. In addition, people need to understand their communication style, communication style is when people use different types of communication to enter a conversion..someone can a have a passive communication style ,which can allow them to blend in the conversation and it will never climax to anger ,because the other person is accepting what the other person is saying .Most people

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