Personal Critique : The Characteristics Of Unique Me

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Unique Me Being unique is a quality that everyone fulfills in one way or another. The thing that makes me unique is that I tend to be very humble and confident, yet misunderstood due to my independence. Although, being confident makes me very open to others I also am a very quiet person who enjoys alone time and has no problem being alone due to the high amount of independence I have. Being humble is a feature that comes with my personality. I am a caring and loving person so being humble is big for me. In being humble I am not self centered, I am focused on the happiness of those around me as well as my own. I have always been humble and growing up the trait only grew stronger for me. I am not scared to try new things or put myself in others shoes to understand them more. I have focused on making sure my loved ones are happy before myself and have always followed "God, others, me" in that order. That to me is saying God first, others second, and me third which is where my humbleness comes in. I stay humble and continue to strive and put others before me because that is what being humble is all about. Humbleness has shown me how to forgive easier, how to become more teachable, and how to turn my weakness and negative aspects into strengths and positivity. When I begin to struggle I lean on my humble side to help me get through those things. Being humble helps me to be a leader in the things I do such as teams, groups, or clubs. I feel like I gain more respect from

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