Personal Essay On My Autobiography Of A Writer

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Writer’s Autobiography

The idea of writing has always fascinated me. Being able to understand another person’s thoughts, through words on a piece of paper, is a curious concept. From twenty-six letters in an alphabet, feelings can be expressed, emotions can be evoked, and fantasies can be told. That is what I have always loved about writing. From an early age, I thrived in the euphoric feeling I got when I could translate the stories in my head into a tangible thing. I can even remember my debut as a writer way back when I was in kindergarten. I was so proud of myself to be one of the chosen few that got to present their writing in front of an audience. At the time, it seemed like such a prestigious occasion. It gave me this false sense of confidence, that I was some type of writing prodigy. However, in actuality what I wrote went something like this, “I have a house. I like my house. It has a chair, a lamp, a sofa, a bed, a …show more content…

It was in third grade, and the assignment was to complete an “I Am” poem. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and spent time putting effort into each line. My teacher then proceeded to read it to the class, and it felt rewarding to be recognized for the work I put into it. Further down the road in my writing career, in sixth grade, my class was told to write a narrative. The catch was that the teacher gave no other instructions to follow. We had complete and utter freedom to write any type of narrative we wished. While this would seem like an easy task, I struggled with coming up with a solid idea. As I tried to come up with a plot for my story, I realized that I lost the creative, free-spirit as a writer that I had when I was younger. I became so accustomed to a certain way of writing, that I lost the whimsical touch that I previously had. Even though I wasn’t completely content with my final product, I learned a valuable lesson from the assignment and grew as a

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