Writing And Writing : The Importance Of Writing

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People write all the time, whether they know it or not. Writing can be expressed at different times and for different reasons. Also, people write to many different audiences, such as: themselves, significant others, family members, friends, strangers, co workers, or possibly to nobody. The reasons for writing are endless, it engages learning, remembering, expressing, connecting, and healing. In addition, writing can be somebody’s voice, a way to be heard, a way to be recognized. Throughout life I have always been timorous and quiet, but I have found my voice through writing. Growing up I opposed going to school or communicating with other people because I was shy and timid. Overtime I recognized that I needed to communicate more and needed to get over my fear of connecting to others so I began writing, I wrote letters to people I wanted to be friends and wrote what I wanted to say. My goal was to connect to others, express myself, and find my voice. As a result of when I wrote to connect I also wrote to communicate. Writing can be used for different reasons and are helpful to everyone in different ways. Going further into about my shyness and how I do not enjoy talking to people and would rather write than speak; I recognized how powerful writing could be. And how it’s my way of telling the truth and helps reveal an emotion that I can’t do with speaking. Expressing myself through writing, allows me to be more confident and more myself. Sometimes, I do this through a

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