Personal Essay On Social Work

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Two years ago I made the decision to pursue my career as a Social Worker. My main reason is the fact that I would love to detect, investigate and help every individual who is part of a society to have access to the same rights and helps just like anyone else. Put in use my personal values as a way of connecting with society and different types of communities by conversing with them in a positive way. Bringing people in need, support and hope so that they can make a better life. I want to be seen and used as a great tool of humanity. I am a firm believer that doing good, allows you to see the true value in life and in the world. In 2015 I started my first job at a Daycare and I couldn’t be more happy. Ever since I was little I’ve loved working with kids. One day a Child Protective Services worker showed up, she was checking in and gathering information from one of our toddlers who had been experimenting some family problems. Since that day I started asking and doing research of Social Work and I completely feel in love with this profession. This career pathway for me is one of the most beautiful and admiring ones. How many people can say that what they do for a living is help others? Looking at how the world is right now makes me realize I couldn’t have chosen a more beneficial, helpful, fortunate career other than Social Work. Being a person who knows compassion is what helped me look at this career with so much joy. I think being able to be vulnerable and show

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