Personal Experience : A Personal Narrative Experience In My Child

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The year was 2009. I lived out on a farm with my parents and little sister. I didn’t have too many traumatic things happen to me as a child. There were a few here and there but nothing serious. However, there was one event that truly was traumatic to 7-year old me.
It started off like any other day. My dad was out working with the cows while my mom was probably with the pets somewhere. Gabe, who was my dad's farmhand, was out doing chores and Danica and I were inside playing. It honestly was a calm and normal day. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way very long. No one on our property would have thought the day would change the way it did.
My dad is an air traffic controller up in Olathe so his hours are very strange. Well, this particular day he had to leave at 1:00 p.m. for work. Gabe stayed for a bit to finish a couple of things like good farmhands do. He was like a working bee, he never stopped until his work was finished.
After about an hour, the sky started to get dark, like really dark. It was strange that a storm that fierce would blow up in the middle of the day. My sister and I went outside to see why it looked like it was night time already. My mom noticed the sizeable, scary sky and she sent us inside. Due to the storm that was heading our way, she told Gabe to return home so he could possible beat the mysterious thunderheads. Unaware of how fast the storm was moving, she brought things inside to get out of the rain. She didn’t know that they most likely would

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