Personal Experience : Life Changing Experiences In My Life

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Over the span of my lifetime, I have had many life changing experiences. From good to bad every aspect has shaped me and made me the person I am today. The biggest challenge and experience I have had is tearing my MCL multiple times. I never realized how much of a challenge it would be going through surgery, rehab, and the overall complications of a recurring injury. Tearing my MCL made me learn how to overcome obstacles and helped me work harder than I ever had to bounce back from the injury. The most devastating news a doctor can give to a young athlete is any kind of injury resulting to missing sports. Every injury is unique in recovery time and how long the athlete will have to miss of their season. It was the summer before my eighth grade year, and my summer baseball season was coming to a close. My team was playing to be in the Missouri-Kansas 13u championship. Little did I know that after that game, I would be in the worst pain of my life. We won the game off of a walk off passed ball and we rushed to home plate. I jumped in the air out of excitement, and when I landed I felt like someone hit my knee with a steel pipe. A few days later, at the doctor's office, I found out that I tore my MCL. To my surprise, I did not need surgery, and I was able to play basketball for my eighth grade year. Two weeks into practice, I took a wrong cut and blew my knee out, once again, needing surgery this time. After my surgery, I had to go through a series of rehabilitation to get

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