Personal Experience : My Life After High School

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When I was in sixth grade I found myself already set on what I would do with my life after high school. I would serve the greatest country in the world as a U.S. Marine. This idea to be a soldier was always there, I don't know why but it was. The idea of serving my country and giving back to all the people who gave to me has always been appealing. In return of what they did for me, I would give my life. Little did I know how much work it would be to get there. Six years later and here I am getting ready to live out my dream. At the end of my Junior year I got the opportunity to join the Delayed Entry Program, which is basically early enlistment. Now that my senior year is here the date of me shipping out is less than a year away. I must take every chance I can get to prepare for boot camp and the life challenges ahead. That’s where P.T. comes in. P.T. is set up to get you prepared both mentally and physically for boot camp. I understood the point but I never realized how mentally prepared you need to be. After my first day of school, I underwent intense P.T. Before an hour drive to Denver we stopped by the recruiters’ office in Greeley. There we had to sign papers waving the Marines responsibility for us. If we were to get hurt or die, then oh well you signed the paper. I questioned my decision to go at this point, wondering how demanding the P.T. would be. That night, me and other recruits stayed the night in the Marine headquarters. There isn’t much to tell about that

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