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Narrative “Put your shoes on!” My mom yells as I run out of our old wooden cabin. “I’ll be fine!” I yelled back, “I haven’t worn shoes this whole time!” “Better not come crying to me when you step on something sharp!” She said back to me, seeming kind of aggravated now. That’s so something a mom would say, I thought to myself, What could I even step on out there? It’s just a field of grass. We had been camping. well what we consider camping all weekend. We stayed in a log cabin with a kitchen, working bathrooms, and a bed for each of us to sleep on, but everyone does things differently right? This was my favorite weekend of the year, my family and a couple of family friends all went to Hocking Hills to stay in cabins for a couple of days to hang out. Our last day arrived and we planned to leave early in the morning, so all of the kids including my best friend ally and I got up around 7:30 to play outside for a little while before we left. A cool, fall morning breeze filled the air and dew covered the ground, along with some crunchy reddish brown leaves. It was November, one of my favorite months of the year. The smell of camp fire filled the air while Ally, our brothers, and I sat around the pit where the fire barely hung on from the night before. You could hear nothing but the creaking of the swings that the younger kids played on and the sounds of the nearly dead trees rustling in the wind. Of course all of this was shortly ruined by the sounds of the parents packing

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