Personal Experience: What I Know and What I Want to Learn About Space

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What I Know/ What I Want to Find Out

A couple weeks ago, in science class, we started talking about Earth and space systems. Ms. Stephenson told us to make a chart about what we knew about Earth and the space systems. Next, I drew out the chart and tried to think of what I knew about the topic. I couldn’t think of anything!

The only part of Earth and space I knew were the basics. I knew that the sun is a star, the planets orbit around it, and Earth’s axis is at a tilt. I also knew that Earth is lopsided and that Pluto is a dwarf planet. That was about all I knew about Earth and space systems.

I wanted to know more about Earth and space. How do the planets orbit? What makes the planets and other objects move? Are there any other galaxies out there? Does the sun affect any planets and how? I wrote all the questions I had under the “What I Want to Know” column. After writing some of my questions down I realized I was most interested in how the sun affected Earth and other planets. Finally, I formed the question: “How do the surface features of the sun affect Earth and other planets?” After much research I found out the answer.

The Story of My Search

I started my research on March 10th, so it took about three weeks. First, I went to the Gale database and typed in the key words “ Sun affect Earth.” I scrolled down and found two articles that were about my topic and one academic journal. The first article I read was very helpful. It had plenty of information

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