Personal Health Record ( Phr )

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Personal health record (PHR) is a developing patient-centric model of health information exchange, which is often deployed to be archived at a third party, such as cloud service providers a person is concerned more about their health condition which is considered as most important and personal. At the same time in order to get cure from medical issues, Health bulletin is shared to the Specialists Doctors throughout the world due to the advancements in the Present day Technology. Few privacy issues may arise as personal health information could be disclosed to those third party servers and to illegitimate parties. Encrypting PHR’s before externalizing to let the patients have access to their own records is an effective way .This paper explains how security is provided for the data by developing new type of encryption standard which uses both watermarking as well as Attribute Based Encryption. This new type of encryption standard can secure the Patient Health Records (PHR). More over patient can revoke the access rights and they can control the accessibility to others like Relatives, Doctors through the data stored in cloud.
Key words:
PHR, DICOM Images, Watermarking, Huffman Coding, SHA 512, Attribute Based Encryption (ABE), Public Key Encryption, Private Key Encryption. 1. Introduction
Personal Health Record (PHR) is a developing patient based model for health information exchange which can be archived at third party users like cloud service providers. Using web as a…
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