Personal Identity Is The Fear Of Death

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According to Socrates, as stated in the Apology, the fear of death is because we on Earth do not know what comes after death or if anything comes at all. Many people believe death is the end of the being that are in this lifetime. That foolish fear of death is often intertwined with how one understands identity. Although many people experience shifts or changes in their life they consider themselves to be the same person and from this type of belief we derive the fear. In this essay, I will argue that the popular belief that a stable subject of experiences constitutes personal identity is false. I will defend Derek Parfit's theory known as bundle theory, because it provides good reasoning to believe that the self is actually a combination of experiences. Before connecting a person’s fear of death to personal identity, one must first understand the problem of personal identity, which is how is personhood defined and by what criterion is the sameness of identity over time and throughout change identified. The two main theories that attempt to resolve the problem of personal identity are ego theory and bundle theory. Ego theory endorses or espouses a view that there is a stable subject of experiences. Bundle theory means that the self is truly a long line of impressions based off other impressions. He says, “ordinary survival is about as bad as being destroyed and having a Replica,” exemplifying his theory that we are already living with a replica of ourselves from the past

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