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Some of the things that have shaped me into the person that I’m today are my family, the people that I grow up around, some of the events In my life. There are many events that have shaped me in the the person that I’m today. Also the people that I have grown up around has dramatically helped shape me into the person I am. My family is one of the main things that have helped shape me into the person I’m today. One of my early memories are of my mom working and going to school at the same time to take care of eleven kid son her own. We also used two have a garden and we would go there everyday to take care of the plants. But my mom started to work all of the time so we were no longer aboul to go there so me and my sister made a garden in the back yard so that when my mom had time we could still garden. That is why one of my hobbies is gardening.
Some of the events that had help shape me into the person that I’m today is of me and my family always going places. Most of the time we would go to the beach or hiking. I was told by my sisters that one time when we were walking up a hill that my older sister corina had slipped and rolled into some mud and was covered from head to toe in it. Another event that shaped me into the person that I’m today is when my sister passed away and most of my sister we're not on good terms with her. So when she passed away my sisters had a lot of regrets about not being aboul to apologise to her. That me that you should

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