Personal Information On Electronic Patient Record

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1) Setting password is mandatory to protect personal information on electronic patient record hence it is a legal document Password provide better safety and security to the Electronic Patient Record system. To prevent data breaching setting password is essential and setting stronger will help better protection of information. Encrypting stored personal information. This means every one cannot see all the data’s only visible the one who know to decrypt it. And only the authorised person should be able to reset the password or making any correction on this. Password enhance the confidentiality of patient information. The rise of online information storage has created new setting strong password is also important 2) Hence patient …show more content…

On the other side there may be chance of data leakage this effect to patient reputation, the stolen data may contain all the personal information including address, medical information. Data breaches is also happen. It may take time to establish to every kind of people. 4) The main advantage of e-prescribing is that, that improves the quality and safety of patient care. Access to patient medication so that physician can come to know what medication patient has taken in the past and what other physician has prescribed-prescribing also helps better understanding about patient any drug allergy, food allergy, duplicate therapy alerts helps remind provides when there might be an increased risk of over-prescribing, or prescribing medications and the combination of medication that Couse adverse effect. E-prescribing increase the work flow and work flow efficiency. This also reduce the administrative burden that i.e., less time for providers and staff to clarifying. Otherwise re communication with pharmacies and health plan regarding the prescription, this decrease the errors occurs during dispensing and improper handwriting .This convenience translates in to better medication adherence. Patient can receive medication as soon as the appointment finished Lastly e-prescribing is more secure than the paper prescription and it is target for theft and tampering, and it making more easy for drug- seeking patients to after prescription by increasing dosage ,number refills of

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