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“Life isn’t all cupcakes and sprinkles’….this sentence stuck with me until now, it made me remember why I don’t see the world as I used to. My mother had told me this simple sentence when I was a 10-year old, the day my delusional 10-year old eyes were pried open to the awful truth. This day showed me that I was a really good baker, but also, it taught me a lesson. Life wasn’t fair, no matter what you do. That day I was awoken with extremely strong emotions. Happiness ran through my veins. The sun blinded me, even in my sleep. The bright yellow rays had snuck past my navy blue curtains like the sneaky little villains they were. They had snuck in just to dance upon my face with their awful scorching feet, little warm annoying kisses were …show more content…

A dark cloud of misery began to swirl around me. I felt my heart freeze and my senses seemed to fail. I didn’t hear the screech that allowed students to leave the brick school, I didn’t feel my peers scurry and run around me. All I could notice was the empty pocket, I noticed the wad of hard earned money was gone. My body seemed to react before my mind. I began walking out into the hallway, I was heading to my afterschool club. Peer Leadership. Once I entered the classroom and looked at my best friend, I broke down. Emotion filled my body. Rage swirled and blinded me. The recent events angered me, my body trembled and my teeth gritted. I couldn’t explain the pain, the anger that clouded my sight with words. So…I cried. I didn’t feel the droplets build and blind me. Unshed tears filled with absolute sadness welled up in my eyes. I didn’t feel them roll down my cheeks; however, as I began coming back to my senses I felt a sob erupt from my lips, my brow eyes shut and tears fell. They wouldn’t stop. Small droplets became creeks flowing down, they became raging waterfalls. My sobs were as loud as harsh water striking the stones piled under it. Why had this happened? What had I done?! I had worked hard, and I had been nice, and I did my work, and I listened, and I…I had left my bag in the Library. I felt two arms wrap around me, I felt the taller person pull me tightly against them as I sobbed. Her voice was soothing, it was warm and …show more content…

Apparently, I wouldn’t stop crying in the club, no matter what. I would push people away and continue to sob and break down before seven other classmates. I was a complete mess. They contacted my mother and she had rushed over to pick up her sobbing, broken down 10-year old girl. As I rode in the car and listened to my mother lecture me, I reflected. I thought about what had happened and I knew my view on the world was changing. I wouldn’t be simple minded, innocent and believe people wouldn’t be mean or they wouldn’t steal. That day I accepted that the world wasn’t

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