Personal Narrative: A Career In Gynecology

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I said "do or did", which denotes the possibility that you do not have a problem any longer. I only said "maybe a lower iq?", in the form of a question. My background is biology. Until I settled on pursuing a career in gynecology I was sure that I wanted to be a neuroscientist, sometimes I still do. The way the brain works fascinates me. None of my response was meant to be a slight, mostly just a clinical assessment/an untrained hunch. In another question you said that this occurred at about 9 years old. This is not normal behavior in children of that age. After posting my response I wondered exactly how normal it actually could be. I asked a friend that happens to be a child psychologist about it, and read your response to him. He said there are definitely profiled motives for children abusing animals strictly in an inquisitive nature. The age bracket for this…show more content…
Here is the thing, most of the ones I read were not on mammals or companion animals. The ones that were not... isolated incident. Most of them didn't have ongoing experiments for months at a time. I'm not saying that some animals lives are more valuable than others because they are not mammals, it's just that cats have physically adapted to be what humans find cute. They have adapted to not only live in close proximity to humans, but often along side us as companions (to manipulate humans into being less of a predator). Humans have a difficult time reflecting personalities on to non mammals. Actually, they now know cats domesticated themselves long before the Egyptians started keeping them as pets. They wanted to get closer to farms to eat the rodents that fed on the crop. Farmers let them stay cause it helped the crop. Because you lacked empathy towards a specific species that society typically love as pets generally speaking, it seems more abnormal than smashing an
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