Personal Narrative: A Career In The Army

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On 10 October 2006 on a military base in California I had the most unexpected surprise of my life. That day I was told by my doctor that I was pregnant. This was a complete shock to me since I was on birth control. My career in the Army was on the rise and baby was not something I had even wanted yet. I had only been married for one year and we wanted to wait since we had so many plans. That day my life had been the start of the beginning. When I had been told I was pregnant there was anger and a lot of denial. I wasn’t ready to have a child yet. I had just turned 21 and just being newly married our finances were not in the best shape. My husband and I were going through so many trials and we actually were considering leaving each other. We weren’t stable and my career was finally going in the right path with a promotion on the rise. Until that day my life changed at the time there was no end sight to the problems going on. I wasn’t ready to admit that I was pregnant and cried as the doctor basically told me my life was over. That day I drove home sad and tired after dealing with having to work a 12 hour shift and spending two hours at the hospital. When I pulled into the driveway I called my sergeant because I couldn’t find the strength to get out of that car just yet my life was over. You see all my life my mother told me…show more content…
I walked in and there was my husband who I still loved more than anything. I told my husband that we needed to talk. My husband gave me a look of uncertainty and told his friends on his Xbox that he needed to go. He looked at me and asked what was wrong. It was unspoken but when either one us said we needed to talk we knew it was serious. My husband could I was crying and very upset. I still wasn’t even sure I wanted to tell him but my husband just sat there as patient as ever waiting me out. Out of nowhere I just blurted it out and said “Baby I am
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