Personal Narrative: A Career In The Medical Field

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Everyone’s passion is different, whether it’d be drawing, cooking, fashion, etc. Mine so happens to be learning about health. Choosing this as my passion was easy because learning how the body works and how it reacts to different viruses and diseases or medicine is fascinating. I also enjoy helping others and putting their needs before mine. This passion takes me into building a career out of it by going into the medical field and becoming an RN. Knowing that becoming an RN won’t be easy won’t change my mind for my career but it will only want me to work harder and not stop trying. The best way to be prepared for the future is planning everything out which is something I will try to do. It all started as a child when I would play hospital with my friends. We would pretend my friend was a sick patient and I was the doctor. It was my favorite game to play as a kid but as the years passed by it never caught my attention. The most memorable memory as a kid was being there for my friends putting on their bandaid whenever they fell . The first two years in high school, my decision was shifting towards veterinarian. This was one of my choices because I love animals and caring for …show more content…

Pursuing a career in the medical field has always been on my mind in the past even as a kid. The main reason why I chose this is because I want to help patients as much as I can and better their life to the best of my ability. I will try to apply to the nursing program at West Hills to work on getting my associate’s degree and find a good financially stable job at a hospital. Being in health occupations is just one of the things that made me more interested in being in the medical field. A big skill nurses need in the medical field is speaking. Memorization is also a big ability. Learning about health and how the body functions is something that has took my interest while taking health

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