Personal Narrative : A Descriptive Essay

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Nervously I got seated on a plane that would take me to Frankfurt, Germany, from there we would board another plane that would take us to Budapest, Hungary, and finally to our last plane stop in Romania. This was the first time my siblings and I flew on an airplane and it was fascinating because every seat had a mini T.V. behind them and we got food delivered to us in our seats. My parents did not have an experience as nice as mine because my sister who was two at the time did not feel good and ended up puking. We were supposed to stay at our aunt Gabriella’s house during our time there, but once we got to know our cousins we would stay at their house instead. The first few days we did stay at my Aunt's house she would take us to different places. Her apartment overlooked the city center where this big fountain stood in the middle and where all the pigeons gathered to see if anyone had bread to give to them, when we had some we would throw it up to them to see if they could catch it in midair. My Aunt loved taking us places she would take us to the mall to get coloring books and toys, to the market to get food and to get my brother Bakugans which were popular at the time, she got us ice cream, and took us to the park which was to the left of the apartments. The park got renovated while we were there so we got to see its transformation from a sad little playground to a giant wooden playscape that had a ship, two seesaws, four metal swing sets, and a bike path. Everyday, we

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