Personal Narrative : A Look Back

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"She had a solid reputation as a crisp, vivid writer of short stories set in Louisiana, where she had lived for 14 years" ("A Look Back"). I wrote many of my stories about experiences in my life. I always loved to read and learn new things as a child. As I grew older, there were many hard times and that helped me to be the lady I was. Some of my stories were very well known, and others not so much. My rough childhood, mother, and family friends influenced me to write; the short stories and novels I wrote were influenced by my favorite authors which caused me to write about controversial topics. I was born on the 8th of February in 1850, in St. Louis, Missouri. I was born to my parents, Thomas and Eliza O 'Flaherty, and I was the third child out of five. My sisters died at infancy and my brothers died in their early twenties. At age four, my father died in a train accident when a bridge collapsed while they were going over it. I spent much of my time living with my mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. All of them were single, independent, and smart. My great-grandmother was the one who taught me the most. She helped me learn French, music, and she also told me gossip from the past (Wyatt). I would also go out and spent some time with our family slaves who had a unique dialect. Reading widely as a child I was still undistinguished as a student at the convent school I attended. At age seventeen I graduated, I spent two years after as a belle of fashion ("Katherine…

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