Personal Narrative : A Look Back

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"She had a solid reputation as a crisp, vivid writer of short stories set in Louisiana, where she had lived for 14 years" ("A Look Back"). I wrote many of my stories about experiences in my life. I always loved to read and learn new things as a child. As I grew older, there were many hard times and that helped me to be the lady I was. Some of my stories were very well known, and others not so much. My rough childhood, mother, and family friends influenced me to write; the short stories and novels I wrote were influenced by my favorite authors which caused me to write about controversial topics. I was born on the 8th of February in 1850, in St. Louis, Missouri. I was born to my parents, Thomas and Eliza O 'Flaherty, and I was the third…show more content…
My years after graduation weren 't that exciting, until I got married. In 1870, I married a man named Oscar Chopin. He was a wealthy Creole cotton factor. I moved with him to New Orleans and we had 6 six children; Jean, Oscar, George, Fredrick, Felix, and Leila. I pursued the schedule of a Southern Aristocrat. This was demanding both social and domestic at the time. My family was hit with financial difficulty in 1880. This caused our growing family to move in with my father-in-law. He lived in a small town in Natchitoches Parish which was located in Louisiana 's Red River bayou region. While we were there, my husband supervised and inherited the plantations his father owned. My husband insisted on taking over the managerial responsibilities after his father passed in 1883. With my husband taking over the responsibilities it brought me to meet many different parts of the community. These included the French-Acadian, Creole, and Natchitoches Parish sharecroppers who were workers on the plantations. Impressions taken from these people were gathered and later influenced my fiction ("Katherine Chopin"). Oscar died in 1882 of swamp fever. For over a year, I took over running the general store and the plantation (Wyatt). I sold everything in 1884 and went to live with my mother back in St. Louis. A year later, my mother passed away leaving me and my children. I began to write to support my family (Wyatt). I began to write short stories after family friends found the
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