Personal Narrative-Ambiguous Wall

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I’ll admit that every ounce of my mental and physical strength that I have accumulated over my 17 years of existence has been reduced to a test of strength against the unquenchably rebellious walls of my painfully crimson red apartment. These defectively cracked and stained walls serve as a constant reminder of what my existence is truly encompassed by: neglect. Each day before school, I would reach out my hands, attempting to hug my parents before their long arduous workday, but these avaricious walls merely slit the benevolent grace of my hands. When I try to utter the words “I love you” or “thank you”, my fragile voice quickly dissipates before it could pass through the solid and unforgiving walls. Every attempt to express love and compassion was quickly dispelled. When I pondered upon why I was so frequently isolated from my …show more content…

My grandfather had been diagnosed with lung cancer, and my parents, in a very feverish manner, purchased a plane ticket to china. Even though I was understanding of my parent’s feverish exit, I had felt utterly naked during their months away as I fended for myself in the blizzardy harsh world. Then, after two months, I finally declared my defeat: the morally ambiguous wall had successfully depraved me into believing that love is elusive.
“I mean I could have been kidnapped and my parents would still have been too preoccupied to even notice my “absence”. When my parents returned, the impregnable wall became even more fortified as my parents’ investment on the surgery meant longer working hours. By this time, I had felt utterly excommunicated and extinct. My voice had been drowned by the jarring and, seemingly, authoritative voice of my parents, and my physical strength evaporated; when I clenched my fists to punch that stained wall, there was not an equal and opposite reaction. There was only a deep gash on my fists, a mere euphemism for my overwhelming

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