Personal Narrative: An Interview With An Elderly Person

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In short, I enjoyed the experience of interviewing an elderly person. Conversing with elderly adults is something I am fond of. Choosing a person for the interview was not a difficult task because I have a close relationship with my neighbor Virginia. On Monday afternoon I called her house phone and explained in detail that I would be interviewing an elderly person and would she like to participate. I selected Virginia because of her age and I believe she is the wisest in my neighborhood. The information and tips provided from Virginia are very useful and insightful.
On July 15, 1913, Virginia was born in Wortham, Texas. Virginia states that she had a joyful childhood filled with fond memories, and states it was the best times of her life. Her household consisted of her father, mother, and a younger brother. Her mischievous brother loved to play tricks on her as a child. She states “I cannot believe I am alive today as he loved to agitate me” (V. Dixon, personal communication, September 26, 2016). In high school, she was the head cheerleader, the leader in her homemaking group, she was in the honor society, and voted the favorite high school girl in the school. Fortunately, Virginia absolutely loved school, as an illustration, she became a teacher later in life. In her town, they did not include kindergarten and the school grades only went to the 11th. For …show more content…

Especially about the war and health in later years of life. To my surprise, I cannot believe that Virginia is not mistreated by others in society. This statement surprised me because I see younger kids and adults are not respectful to adults of the elderly population. When I was growing you were to be considerate of your elders. The times have definitely changed. A couple of ideas I will use in life is not to be afraid of aging, and stay healthy and productive. Do not let tiny things worry you or a setback stop you from moving

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