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I am a proud San Francisco native, whose parents come from Mexico and Guatemala. Due to housing opportunities, my family moved from San Francisco to the Peninsula, where we eventually rented a house in South San Francisco. South San Francisco is what I consider to be home and my community. I grew up in a Mexican, single-parent household with my mother and brother. Alongside my mother, I witnessed and experienced at an early age sexism, racism, and poverty. My mother was discriminated against the majority of her life not only because she was a woman, but a Mexican woman at that. Many times, she was unable to get a decent, living-wage job and had to repeatedly settle for low-paying jobs as a house-cleaner, babysitter, and even selling water filters door-to-door. I remember playing with the newest toys only when my mom …show more content…

Actually, I had many teachers that did not believe in me. My expulsion from my first high school told me that my school had given up on me and I on it. By the time I left high school I wanted to prove all of the doubters wrong. I saw that my brother, who was a teen father at 17, stopped going to school and that my mother didn’t go past high school either. All of my uncles worked in trades such as plumbers, painters, welders, and none of them went to college. I was the first person in my entire family to go to college and graduate from a state university. I realized that in order to change the oppressive conditions that I had experienced as a Xicano, I had to get an education. Even later into my educational career I felt that teaching was my passion and I have been actively engaged in it throughout my life. I decided that I wanted to be a Social Studies teacher because I believe that by understanding history our society can learn from previous mistakes and build on past ideas for the

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