Personal Narrative: Animal Crossing

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May 8th 2014, a Thursday night on a school night. At the time, I was 13, nearly finished with middle school and soon to be graduating onto high school. On this particular night, I sit at my kitchen table across from my older sister, both grasping our 3DS's playing our favorite game at the time: Animal Crossing. In the midst of an intense competition of catching fruit as we race against the clock, my mom moseys into the kitchen and sits between us. She demands that we put down our consoles. My sister complies, whereas I ignore her and attempt to finish up my game. My mom then forces me to end my game, explaining that she desperately needs my attention. She gathers herself and thinks for a moment, finally spitting out the words “I'm moving out”. Complete silence. The harsh words “I'm moving out” ring in my ears. Nobody even looks at each other. My eyes focus on the broken chandelier swinging from the ceiling and reflecting onto the…show more content…
My mom spoke very little to each of us and seemed to be gone longer and longer each day until Saturday, which was moving day. That Saturday I had a band concert for relay for life at my local park. As the performance came to an end my best friend and I hop in the backseat of her mom's sweltering car and crank up the radio. We listen to our favorite throwbacks as her mom speeds down the streets rushing to get me home. As we pull in the drive, an unfamiliar vehicle idles in my driveway. Inside my house lays all of my moms belongings neatly piled up by the door waiting to be taken. My mom greets me at the door and introduces me to her boyfriend. He is much taller than me and talks down to me as if I'm a child. I cut the conversation short and sit on the couch with my dog Casey as they continue moving her things. After the last item is hauled away, my mom looks at me through the glass of the front door and says “I'll pick up Casey later.” and vanishes without another
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