Personal Narrative: Beldagi

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Google definition of fighter is a person or animal that fights, especially as a soldier or a boxer. Neither I am a soldier or a boxer, but I have fought against my circumstances. I have watched my parents struggle to raise my older brother, older sister and me. So, in order not let their struggle and sacrifice go in vain, I worked very hard and overcome my obstacles
Beldagi 2, Beldagi 2 was the name of the refugee camp that I lived in for 10 years. Most of the Bhutanese refugee camps were based in Jhapa, Nepal, which is in the heart of Himalayas. I don’t remember everything that happened in the camp. However, from those vague memories of the camp and camp life; I still remember we lived in bamboo hut and we used to get rice, vegetables and other types of food every Thursday. An organization used to provide us food and free schooling. My father taught Nepali in one of the camp school but the income was not enough for the family of 5 so he used to tutor students. …show more content…

I started school at the age of 7. The schools were also made from bamboo and the elementary schools students had to sit on rugs that was kept on the floor. Yes, school was free but I still had to struggle because I had Asthma. I would get Asthma attack at least once a week. Wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath; that's how I would know I was getting asthma attack again. It would keep me in bed for days and sometimes it used to be so serious that I had to be admitted in the hospital. Since I didn't have an inhaler, I would stay home and rest whenever I got an asthma attack. My mom would tell me “no school today” and I would ask her “why?” and her only reply will be “what if you get another asthma attack in school”. Most of the time, I studied for test and exams from my friends’ notes. If I got sick during exam days, my mom would take me to principal’s office and stay there while I did my

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