Personal Narrative-D Is For Dune

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D is for Dune One day in Michigan, we decided to go to Lake Michigan. We went to the beach. It was one of those it's-very-windy type of days. At the beach there was giant dunes the size of small mountains. So we decided to climb up the dunes. When we got to the top it looked like we could see the whole world. My mom and Justin decided to walk down the safe path.. Me on the other I decided to run down the sandy dune. So I ran as fast as I could jumping when you jump it feels like you jumped the the whole dune when I got to the middle I jumped again and when I landed the was a log in front of me I hit the log and tumbled the whole way down the dune. Once I stopped I realized how much I got hurt. I had cuts all over me and a giant scar that

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