Personal Narrative: Dead Or Alive

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Was he dead or alive? Did the helicopter land safely? What happened to him? I knew that we left on really good terms, but will I truly get to say goodbye. Was this the day that he will leave me. I rushed to get ready to go, to the place that could be the best place to be or the worst, all at the same time. I could smell this place, feel it in the air. It will either be peaceful or the worst place I will ever go. I will know in one hour. I might never see him again, or will I. One hour. I was sitting down fishing at the campground with my friends getting ready for the baseball games later in the day. We had just had breakfast and everything was normal. It was about an hour and a half before game time, so I walked up to the camper and…show more content…
I could not believe this all happened. He was alive, that is all we knew though. It was not over. I sat down in the waiting room. I saw my family, all of their faces wondrous. I looked at my surroundings, and the first thing I saw was all of the other families waiting. I wondered what they felt. What had happened? The doctor stepped in. I knew we were finally going to get the true word. The man had a sense of intelligence, like he understood exactly what we were going through, but was so relaxed. He came right to us. The map of the heart was in his hand and he began to talk. He was the Dr. that did the surgery. “He had a blockage in the right coronary artery. The artery had a blockage and it burst when it had hit 100%. The artery was dissected 40% down which means it was ripped apart. There were also two other arteries which were 100% and 97% blocked. The Dr. put 2 stents in the heart. My dad will have to take medicine to get the rest of the blockage completely out of the heart which will take a few months. He is a very lucky man. 10 more minutes and the artery would have been 100% dissected and he would not have made it.” Ten more minutes. That was…show more content…
On that day she goes there and works, so she knew right where the hospital was. My mom ran through the door of the emergency room, and told them what was happening, The nurses rushed for him when he walked through the doors. They asked if we wanted a airlift or ambulance. My mom told them we wanted a airlift. At that time the airlift team was having a show in Litchfield so they were ready to go and they arrived in 7 minutes to get him. When he got on the helicopter, the team rushed into action. They made it to the hospital in Springfield in time. My dad was rushed straight to the cardiac cath. lab. The doctor made a cut in his leg to diagnose the problem in the heart. Meanwhile my dad is wide awake watching it on the monitor because they have a camera attached to the device searching the heart. From the time he started to feel bad at the campground to the time he was sitting in his room at the hospital it was only two hours. I stayed with him in the hospital for the next couple of days. On that day somebody was watching over us Somebody was watching over us that day, something very great and powerful and now I know that life truly can change in a
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