Personal Narrative: Dealing With People At The Workplace

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This topic is a really good one for me especially dealing with people at the varies jobs I’ve worked.
I remember working at sprout as a head cashier and a customer left his case of beers on the counter I was ringing up a customer and was almost ready to pay out when I notice the beer so I ran out to give it to him because I know some people travel far to get to this particular location. So I ran out with the beer to hand it to him and he was so thankful made me feel happy. Then when I go back inside to let her pay and leave she snatch the receipt from my hand and I said before I could even think the word bitch came out of my mouth and she was so offended. Which was the funny part because she’s the one who snatched the receipt from my hand?
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So this continued for a couple weeks so I got smart I want to watch her though out the whole store instead of just my department and I deserved that she was stealing now, before I react I wanted to first think about what to do to not start a conflict and I know I can’t leave her and get my supervisor she could possibly leave and take off with more merchandise .So, “I asked her would you like to see the Gucci belts you were asking about a couple weeks ago I think we have the color you were looking for”. In the back of my mind I know the loss prevention desk is near there so I was got to notify the person at the desk and we had her. The police was notified and there within 5 mins they put her in hand cuffs and put her in the car. Then I went to the supervisor’s offices to look back at the cameras to see if I was right with my suspicions and I was I felt great about what u did and so did my supervisor I received a raise . Just think if I confronted her it could her turned physically that’s why it’s always good to think before you act the resolution of this conflict could have been me going to jail from being in a physically altercation. Pick your battles Conflicts…show more content…
So just make sure you don’t stress out about any conflict remember what they say “don’t try to change something you can’t control” and just continue to do the best job you can and be happy. A negative work environment has career and health consequences for employees. An employee's less-than-exemplary job performance resulting from frustration with bureaucracy, a bad boss, 70-hour-a-week work culture, coworker conflicts and hostility raises fears of dismissal, stress and unhappiness. Leaving a negative job situation carries economic uncertainty and interrupts a chosen career path. According to a 2008 study published in the International Journal on Disability and Human Development, negative work environments lead to insomnia, anxiety and depression.( by;Trudy Brunot, Demand Media n.d.) Perfect this is exactly what I mean about health in the work place plays a big role on everyone that’s why we need to keep a healthy stress- free work environment to create great business growth within ourselves and the company. Plus employees also, worry about each other so if one employee look like their stress were going to go see and ask why? Try and brighten there day up with the
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